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Gibraltar remote gambling licences

The Gibraltar Government has a policy of only granting licences to well-established gaming companies. It is a prestigious jurisdiction with first class regulation which has attracted many of the world’s biggest gaming companies.

Opportunities to do business with Gibraltar licensed gaming companies

Part of the strategy of big gaming companies is to enter into agreements with other companies with web sites having a high volume of traffic. Typically, such web site owners will enter into affiliate agreements with Gibraltar licensed gaming companies whereby their site contains a link to the gaming site. All profits generated by users who enter the gaming site through this route are then split between the gaming company and the web site owner.

It is also possible to have “white label” agreements with licensed gaming companies. With such agreements, the gaming companies allow the web-site owner to use its gaming software and licence whilst the owner retains its own branding and style so that it appears that the customer is gambling on the owner’s site. Profits generated by such customers are also split between the owner and the gaming companies.

Services we offer

We are able to advise on obtaining a Gibraltar gaming licence. We have many clients who have entered into affiliate and white label agreements with Gibraltar licensed gaming companies and we are able to advise on the same. We will also open bank accounts for our clients which enter into such contracts. It is often quite difficult to find banks which are willing to open such accounts but we have the contacts to enable this.