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Gibraltar is a self-governing British Overseas Territory which was ceded by Spain to the UK under the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht. We have a unique social and political history which has influenced and, ultimately, created the modern Gibraltar of today.

Political & Immigration Status

Gibraltar is a self-governing British Overseas Territory. We have our own Parliament and pass all of our own laws. Under our constitutional arrangements with the UK, they remain responsible for our foreign affairs and defence.

We fully control our own immigration policy and do not follow criteria set by the UK.

UK, EU and EEA nationals are all permitted to enter Gibraltar upon production of a valid national identity card or passport issued by such a State. A family member is also admitted into Gibraltar on the same basis. Such nationals are also permitted to reside in Gibraltar and cross the land frontier into Spain.

US, Canadian, Australian and several South American nationals do not require a visa to enter Gibraltar. Other nationals can check visa entry requirement on the website of the Borders and Coast Guard Agency:

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We were a part of the EU but left with the UK following Brexit. The UK are in the process of negotiating a Brexit treaty with the EU in respect of Gibraltar. This is expected to be finalised within the next weeks or months.

The principal aim of the Treaty is to allow Gibraltar residents free access to the Schengen zone via the land frontier with Spain. The frontier would, in effect, disappear and it is expected that Gibraltar residents, regardless of nationality, would have free movement throughout the whole of the Schengen zone. The details in this regard are expected to emerge in the next few weeks and months.

Financial Services Regulation

The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission regulates financial services businesses including our firm and other trust and company managers. We have other regulators who regulate data protection, the activities of gambling companies and estate agents.

We have high standards of regulation and Gibraltar is on the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) of well-regulated and compliant jurisdictions.

Gibraltar also has passporting rights with the UK and our regulated financial services companies are able to register with the UK regulatory authorities and do business there. This is unique to us as we are the only jurisdiction which has these specific rights. UK companies can, likewise, passport their financial services into Gibraltar.

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Lifestyle, People, Geography & Communications


Gibraltar has a thriving and diverse economy. It is built on four distinct sectors: financial services, shipping, tourism and e-gaming. Gibraltar’s prosperous economy has proven to be strong and robust with our gross domestic product steadily growing year on year.

Gibraltar offers a vibrant property market with an excellent choice of high-quality housing. Gibraltar provides diverse marina facilities capable of berthing large luxury yachts. It is a Mediterranean territory and as such enjoys excellent weather and lifestyle.

Gibraltarians are enterprising and hardworking and have perfected a happy balance between industrious activity and leisurely enjoyment of life. Highest quality accommodation is available both for purchase and rental. All the commercial and business facilities and high-quality professional services which may be required also exist.

Gibraltar is a pleasant and safe place to live. Within a couple of hour’s drive in Spain, there are many attractive places to visit and spend time such as Marbella, Seville, the Sierra Nevada ski resort (next Granada) and the beautiful white sandy beaches of the Tarifa area and the south-west coast of the province of Cadiz.

An excellent quality of life can be enjoyed in Gibraltar which makes it an ideal place for families to relocate to. We have an English education system with our students all being entitled to attend UK universities.


The population of Gibraltar is in the region of 38,000. The vast majority of the population are native Gibraltarians of mixed ancestry from Britain, Malta, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

We are a multi-cultural society where Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus live together peacefully as one community. The official language of Gibraltar is English, although the majority of Gibraltarians are typically bilingual, speaking English and Spanish.

Geography & Communications

Gibraltar is located at the southern tip of Spain and covers an area of around 7 square kilometres.

It is one of the two mythological Pillars of Hercules, the other being Jebel Musa on the North African continent across the Strait of Gibraltar. To the Romans, Gibraltar marked not only the end of their “Mare Nostrum”, but also the end of the world, “plus ultra”, nothing beyond. In Greek mythology, Gibraltar was the entrance to Hades.

Gibraltar is physically part of Europe; it is not an island which allows easy access to Spain, Portugal and beyond. With a state-of-the-art international airport, Gibraltar offers flights to and from a number of UK destinations on a daily basis.

We have daily scheduled flights between London Gatwick and London Heathrow, Manchester and Bristol. We also have a ferry service to and from Tangier.

Gibraltar is only about 1 hour and 20 minutes’ drive away from Malaga airport which has an excellent network of flight connections to locations all over the world.

Gibraltar has a deep-sea port which can berth all but the largest of ships. It is an attractive and a convenient port of call at a strategic location both for merchant vessels, cruise liners and yachts. There are two large marinas offering excellent berthing facilities.

Gibraltar is on Central European Time (CET) which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Our clocks go forward one hour between the end of March and October and go back between the beginning of November and April.

Gibraltar has a high-quality digital and fibre-optic internet and telecommunications system as well as a modern postal service.

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